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FLOW is a company that encompasses a broad range of disciplines including interior design, paper craft, woodwork and 3D printing. Its team is composed of passionate designers & makers who specialise in making experiences through beautiful spaces.

Branding concept
FLOW’s visual style focuses on representing the beauty of technology. The bespoke type, graphic elements and colours embodies innovation, beauty and elegance at the same time. All of this allows FLOW to clearly display its Identity in all its facets and to meet its clients expectations, who belong to a more traditional field but who are looking for avant-garde solutions.

Type Design
Print Design
Editorial Design

The bespoke monotype typeface follows FLOW’s team aim: exploring new ways of making, thanks to new technologies and to the power of creativity.


The main colours white and grey are chosen in order to give as much space as possible to FLOW's work without overcoming it.
White contains all the other colours, it fully embodies the symbol of elegance and innovation. The colourful gradient represents the fearless creativity of FLOW's team, always keen to create avant-garde and original solutions.