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Home Ford
This book was inspired by the author's and designer's interest in fashion and editorial design.
It includes an outline of Tom Ford’s career, from his early years to the success of his personal brand in the world of fashion and luxury lifestyle.

Once the reader becomes completely immersed in the designer’s world, which is ruled by an aesthetic that constantly aims for perfection, a new concept is then presented: Home Ford, the first brand extension in the interior design field. A speculative concept which expands Tom Ford’s area of expertise to also incorporate luxury living.

The brand new home couture collection is the result of a research of the finest materials and textures, inspired by the magnificent fashion designer’s ranch in the middle of the picturesque New Mexico desert, and by the charming atmosphere of his flagship stores.

Marketing Communications Strategy Branding
Editorial design
Still life photography

In collaboration with Giulia Capone

The cover is the first element of connection with the reader: a black velvet fabric encloses the book for a pleasurable tactile experience throughout the reading.

The visual style of the book is inspired by Mr Ford’s creations and passion for pure beauty, the layout and graphic elements on the pages evoke the fashion designer’s hedonistic approach on every aspect of life. Black is the dominant colour, embodiment of luxury and seduction.